Personality and Career choices

Many students choose their career options based on many influences: Some of the influences are family pressure, friend’s persuasion and even some even blindly take up because they don’t know any other options available.
I will like to enlighten you on the importance of personality in choosing a career. Each one of us has a unique personality with both strengths and weaknesses. Though all the traits are present in us, however, some are very strong in us which form a pattern and make our reaction and response predictable. While it is impossible to group people into rigid categories, it can be helpful to identify general trends in our personality. There are various online tests you can take to help you understand and explore your personality e.g. the MBTI test, four Temperaments test, DISC profiling, Color personality test and many more. An example from the MBTI test, we find from the sixteen types, we can relate to various career
options combinations like INTJs, ENTJs, ENFJs, ESTJS would be comfortable related to machines and technology and Engineering are very ideal career. Conversely, ISFJs, ISFPs and ESFJs personality types often work in people –oriented industries such as healthcare, Social services, and Counseling. ESFJs, ENFJs, INFJs and ISTJs types enjoy managerial and administrative positions. Similarly, in the colors personality assessments, personality are related to six different colors and these colors suggest the comfort zone with regards to career. For examples: Colors and various career options are:
Agriculture, Health, Engineering, Services, Arts & Communication, and Natural resources.
Counseling, Research, Economics, Medical
Architect, Fine Arts, Fasion Designer, Composer, musician.
Public Relation, Education, Social Work, Counseling.
Banking, Marketing, Finance, Law, Accounts, Politics.
Data related, Banking, Accounting and Administration. Of course, these personality and career mapping is for reference and exploration of our comfort zone. They can offer useful suggestions we hadn’t thought of, or confirm the suitability of options we were already considering. Plus, the tests themselves can be quite fun to do! Let us know how you get on with them and if there are any other ‘Idealists’ out there! Please mail us at the email given in the website for further information relating to your personality and Career.

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