Dr. Debojit Kumar Deb
Department of Chemistry
Immanuel Coaching Academy

Career prospect in the current crisis

Admist the ongoing corona pandemic in the world, economies of different countries are severly hit due to the total lockdown. The present situation in developed and developing countries is that the unemployment rates has seen a record high. However in this present scenario what we have seen that the world economies are spending a major portion of their GDP in developing vaccines and antivirals to cope up with the present scenario. It is also been estimated that such situations will be prevailing in the world in the near future also mainly to the constant changing nature of the microbes. So the demand of the health workers, researchers scientists and science professionals jobs will be constantly growing even if the world  witnesses economic slow down and recession. In the current scenario it is necessary and safe to say and quote that the students choosing a career in science will be provided with the best opportunities for obtaining high paying salaried jobs and also a chance to contributing to something larger than themselves, to the humanity through innovations and inventions. This will not only provide immense pleasure to individuals but also enable them to attain fame, recognition and self satisfaction.

Now if it is understood that the areas depending on the base of science knowledge has immense exposure, demand and opportunities in the near future, the question that should come to our mind is that how should we prepare ourselves for the upcoming demands in the field. The answer to this very simple. We can start by taking small simple steps presently by laying our foundation stone with our utmost dedication. The branch of science has four pillars namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. An ambitious student looking for a career in science should persue and dedicate himself/herself in the study of the four pillars of science. Once these four subjects are mastered upon the whole world and ample of opportunities will be available at his/her feet. But as we all know that it is easier said than being done and that one might ask me as to how can we achieve success in all the subjects as all these subjects are very different from another. Owing to this diversity most of the time students succumb to pressures and lose hope. If i am to be asked is the diverse nature of the subjects is the problem, the answer is necessarsily no. On personal level we should understand that each of us understand and perceive knowledge differently from another being and that is how the almighty has build us with unique abilities. So in our academy we take personal care and try to maintain the constant pace among the students so that the subject interest is not lost. All the teachers are highly qualified and give their best to impart knowledge to the students to the best possible manner. We solely take upon us the responsibility to remove all the hurdles among the path of the students evenso it a well known fact that a clap sound cannot be made from a single hand and only the teachers cannot make any student achieve success unless he/she have faith on themselves and teachers. There should always be the burning desire among the students towards their passion and dreams and only through constant approaches and endeavors one can reach the highest pinnacle of success in their lives and carrers.

As a teacher and research professional in the field of chemistry, I would like to state that sound knowledge in this subject can open several doors of opportunities to an individual mainly due the subject diversity in comparison to other science subjects. Profoundly I am not disregarding any other branch of science and not to be interpreted or judged wrongly but the remarks made are purely based of my years of experience in this field of chemistry that I have been able to see and witness its wide range of applications in industries associated with agriculture, cement, celluloid, chemicals, cooking gas, cosmetics, dyes, drug discovery, fast moving consumer goods, fibres, metals, nuclear energy, paper, perfumes, pesticides, petroleum, pigments, pharmaceuticals, plastics, glass, leather, textile, semiconductor devices,steel, sugar and the list continues. To settle my claims regarding the subject I would just like to cite that most of the upcoming branches of sciences like biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, environmental science and sustainable development, drug development, food and agriculture science, microbiology, nano-technology, vaccine discovery etc use chemistry as the foundation.

 To conclude I would just like to say that to make any effort to be a success, we must all work together to help each other.


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